Find your international match and take them on a real date!


A unique experience to international dating

Finding a match internationally comes with a lot of uncertainties and investments. Common questions that come across are: how will they be in more social settings and are they really going to be the same in real life? Fondly helps you to answers these questions. By taking your match on a real date through the app, you will be able to get to know each other better in different settings and contexts; making the decision to make that long trip and investment to see each other in real life easier!

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How does fondly work? EASY!


Download the app and create an account totally for free! Write down a little bit about yourself and what you are looking for. We have specific sections for men, women, and transgenders that you can identify yourself or match with.

Find your match

Start swiping or draw attention by sending a message. We have added filters so that you can find matches in specific countries of the world. Think of Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil! Once you have found your match you can get to know each other better by chatting some more.

Ask for a date

When you are ready, ask your match to go on a date! No need for stress on how to woo your date; your match has already put in available dates and times, and also what they want to do. All you need to do is ask!

Go date!

When the date and time has arrived, fondly sends out a reminder notification. Just get ready and experience the date together through a live stream to get to know each other better. Bridging a distance has never been so easy!


Stay tuned, we are working hard to be ready soon!

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