About fondly2 min read

Fondly was founded in 2021 by Wabi-Sabi Tech Limited and is a direct offspring from the Covid-19 pandemic situation in which cities as well as whole countries were in lockdown; making traveling a very limited practice. Whereas the whole world was once at our feet, we suddenly became very limited in our movements. Hence, it was time to rethink our old ways.

Especially for those that are interested in international dating, a lot of uncertainties are involved to make the next step in meeting each other in real life. You may have found somebody through an international dating website and you started to chat with this person. You feel excited; there seems to be a connection! But what is next? There are of course opportunities to video chat with each other, but it is usually at home and rarely in a social setting. So, although there may be a real click, there are still many variables unknown about this person.

Planning to meet each other in real life across borders remains a costly investment. After all, you do need to travel to a whole different country, and maybe even to a whole different continent. To a country that you may have never been before and do not know the culture. Especially when you have the feeling that you still do not know each other completely, engaging in such a trip may cause a lot of doubt and stress.

This is where we come in. The purpose of fondly is to help you on your way by creating a dating experience that will boost your confidence in finding the right match. We at fondly believe that the only way to really get to know each other is to experience each other. By taking your match on a real date, you will be able to get to know each other better in different settings and contexts; making the decision to make that long trip and investment to see each other in real life easier!

Bridging a distance has never been so easy!

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